Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I Spent 30 Dollars on Candy (& I Don't Like Tootsie Rolls)

I almost forgot to post this...I had it all written out...but I am not in the habit of posting daily...but I remembered before I went to bed.

2001 maroon Firebird
The firebird

This weekend we got to be in a parade for Story City's Scandinavian Days.  We took both cars, the old police car and the firebird.  The firebird is his pride and joy...I have to admit, it's a pretty cool car. 

DH getting things ready

My guy and my stepson took a while to get things ready to go...getting all the electronic stuff ready.  We are part of a nationwide police car club.  Of course, he is ALWAYS late, so we arrived at the last minute.  Then they are hurrying so the parade doesn't start without them.

I ended up buying almost 30 dollars worth of candy.  If I let my guy do it, he'd buy 2 bags of tootsie rolls and call it good.  I hate plain chewy candies.  I know some people like them, but they are just not my cup of tea.  I want the good stuff, real chocolate, suckers, peanut butter...etc.  That is why I end up spending a lot of money of 4 gigantic bags of sweets...and the kids and I have something good to throw.  You might wonder why I care, since I am not eating much of it.   Well, kids remember who throws the good candy.  My friend Nicole says she still remembers which fire department threw the best stuff in parades when she was growing up.  I guess I like to give it that extra little bit.  Also, when your kid brings home a bag of candy they got when they went to a parade...they don't end up eating a  lot of it.  Who does?  Usually the mom...and she deserves the good stuff. 

My stepson helping out

Anyways, I thought I had a post from last year when we did this, but I guess not.  My stepson has grown so much since this time last year.  He is actually big enough and responsible enough to help put things together now.  Unfortunately, his teenage attitude is growing along with his physical self.  LOL.

The 'boyz'

He is a good kid, but having a teenager makes me understand why some animals eat their young!

Hot and Sweaty!

They like to make weird faces, but this is the best of the pictures I took.  At least they all have their eyes open in this one.  We had a great day...after the parade we went to a car show, did some shopping, ate some grilled food, went to the outlet mall, and had pizza at this restaurant called 'Pickles'.  We got home late and we were all tired, dirty, but happy. 

It is one of those things we do that I know the kids will always remember, especially since we seem to be doing it every year.  What kind of traditions are you making?

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  1. It sounds to me like this Nicole friend might like her candy a liiiiiiittle too much. ;) This sounds like a great summer tradition and it looks like the kids had a blast!


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