Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Fit With a Good Friend


Today, Dave and I took a walk on a popular bike trail in Des Moines.  Who is Dave, you might ask?  My fiance, my son, my friend?  No...Dave is my dog.  Some people find his name hilarious.  I wish I could take credit for it, but it is the name he came with when we adopted him from the shelter.  I like it, but it really throws people when I am talking about him.  They think I am talking about a person.  

I took a few pictures of the scenery as we took a very, very long walk today.  Dave is getting older, but he is such a happy guy, so he hung in there.  I love this bridge...I have a thing for bridges I guess.  The river was very high, because we have had a lot of rain lately.  

The trail is beautiful.  It winds along the river, under trees, past people's backyards and extremely close to a train track for a while.  

The trail even goes 'under' the train track at one point.  This is one of the lowest points of the trail, and all the times I've been through here recently, this bend has been filled with mud from the river coming up over the edge.  

Dave is such a makes me happy just to look at this picture.  He can't live with me right now cause DH is very allergic, so he lives with my son's dad...but I still get to see him quite a bit.  

I never had a dog before Dave, and I don't know if I will ever be able to have another in the future.  Not just because DH is allergic, but because Dave is such a good dog, I'm spoiled for life.  I am just enjoying the times we have together now...he is one of my favorite walking buddies.

Who do you exercise with these days?  Is there a 'Dave' in your life? 

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  1. I have tried walking Molly on a leash, but it was a miserable failure. So I have no best friend to take a walk with. Sometimes I wish I could borrow a little dog, just to take on a walk. Then I'd give him back. ;)


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