Sunday, June 19, 2011

My! You're a Furry Bird...

It's funny that it's Father's Day, but it's my Mother's Day present that caused so much commotion today.  My son got me this cute window bird feeder for Mother's Day, and so far we've had a visit from an occasional cardinal.  Not many of the birds have noticed it yet.  However, somebody else must have noticed it, because this morning, I found him in it!

Actually I saw the branches waving around and wondered what was going on since it wasn't windy out.  Then I saw Mr. Squirrel poised to leap.  My first thought was that when he landed on it, the suction cups would give and he would hit the ground from 8 feet up. 

He made it and the bird feeder did NOT fall off.  Those must be really strong suction cups.  He did an upside down acrobatic flip and squeezed himself completely inside the feeder, with just the tail sticking out a little, like a flag.  When I rapped loudly on the glass with my knuckles, he flew out in a hurry...twitching his tail and making angry squirrel noises that I could not hear, but nonetheless knew he was making.  He sniffed furiously for a few minutes, and couldn't seem to figure out why he couldn't smell what the danger was. 

After a bit, he came back to eat again, and we couldn't scare him off the feeder by knocking on the glass anymore.  He ate for quite a while, and then left.  Surprisingly, he did not eat all the feed.  I went out this afternoon and trimmed the close branch that he used to leap onto the feeder.  I'm sure that won't deter him for long.  I took a short video of him enjoying his Father's Day snack.  My somewhat hearing-impaired stepson was watching TV while I took this video, so please try to ignore the volume the commercials are playing at...

Some people really dislike squirrels and the damage they do, or the food they steal from feeders.  I don't mind them so much, he was very entertaining to us.  Do you have any funny visitors to your garden?


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