Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midnight Madness!

Today I went to the Midnight Madness sale at a local greenhouse.  I had never attended this sale, but I knew it was a big deal when they said they would be closing the whole day to prepare for it, and only open 3 hours in the evening.  I got there 15 minutes early, and already the parking lot was full and people were overflowing onto the street.  I knew I had to be there though, because they advertised 50% off most of their perennials.  So, moving forward in my quest for total yard domination...I made some purchases. 

john cabot climbing rose

I have been on the lookout for a good climbing rose, to grow over the new arbor DH is going to build me out of recycled/repurposed white window covers I got for free at a garage sale.  It is a John Cabot rose, which doesn't mean a whole lot to me yet, but I think I've heard of that one, and it is hardy...enough said.


I used to have a lot of astilbes before the move, but only one made it, for some reason.  I got this berry-colored beauty to help remedy that situation.

citronella heuchara

I have started collecting heucharas.  This is citronella, I believe. 

cherry rudbeckia

Another goodie...a cherry rudbeckia....hard to beat in simple beauty. 

whirlwind hosta

I have plans for expanding the shade garden a little next year, so I added this hosta, "Whirlwind" to my collection. 

earnest markham clematis

I like clematises...but usually their big price tags keep me from getting any more.  This is 'Earnest Markham', and it has a pretty scarlet color. 

asparagus fern in tree

This is a HUGE asparagus fern I got for only 7 bucks.  I bet I can bring this one inside over the winter and keep it alive too...

black and blue salvia

I got this one for a is a salvia.  It is called 'black and blue'. 

green envy coneflower

I believe this is my 3rd variety of coneflower, I saw it at the fair a few years ago.  It is 'Green Envy', I believe. 

Finally, this is a sad, forlorn, poppy.  It was only 99 cents, and I know it will come back fine next year, as long as I can keep it alive for now. 

I got all this for under 80 dollars!  This is a LOT of plants.  Now I have some digging to do.  Do you hit up any late in the planting season sales?  What deals have to got this year?


  1. What a great deal! I love that you were able to find clematis at a sale too...I love them too, but not their price tag. Our local high school greenhouse has a sale in the spring when they sell their goods for a song, and it's like Christmas for me, so I can appreciate your excitement. Looking forward to seeing how all these goodies get worked into your gardens!

  2. ... I am very tempted to try roses and poppies ... maybe I'll go take a look see ... I didn't realize they could be planted this late in the season ...


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