Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Visit to Reiman Gardens...Hope Somebody Brought the Really Big Bug Spray- Part 2

Like I said before, I always take like 5 million pictures when we go to Reiman Gardens.  So, there were way too many pictures for one post.  I think I usually take too many pictures for three or four posts!  I usually fill the memory card in my camera.  Usually I would have a ton of butterfly pictures, but I took my little point and shoot, instead of dh's professional camera.  My camera is good, but can't take the perfect, still, detailed pictures of the butterflies.  They move too fast. 

I love these pergolas.  Flowerwise, this is one of my favorite areas.  This little stream/fountain thing goes down the middle, and pergolas go down each side.  Raised least a dozen, also go down each side, neatly lined up. 

My son is thankfully getting over his prat fall stage, but he couldn't resist 'pretending' to fall into the water here.  I wanted to fall in, it was so hot...but settled for splashing some water on my legs and shoulders to cool off a bit.  I love the spiral trellises in these pots.

In the last post, I referred to one praying mantis sculpture as the 'small' one.  This is the 'big' one.  It may be hard to tell from the surrounding area, but this piece is probably about 20 feet tall. 

The sign for this one says it is an 'assassin bug'.  I don't think I would have known this one without the sign.  It's seriously creepy at 8 feet long. 

We were getting too hot for the silly pictures at this point.  I suppose I could have pretended the damselfly was going to carry one of us away or something...

The dragonfly would have required more creativity...considering it is in the middle of the pond. 

My son could have rode the grasshopper like a pony...but there was a sign telling us not to 'touch'. 

We finally ran indoors for the air conditioning...but it was actually worse in this room, steamy even.  After we looked at the 'beetle', we ran out into the hall to enjoy the AC. 

One other interesting thing we saw was the Iowa's tallest corn contest.  They actually have a LIVE webcam link, so if you have absolutely nothing else to can watch corn grow!  To see the webcam view, click here.   I just checked it out, and even though it is nighttime, they have a you can see how tall the corn is, any time of day. 

On that exciting note, I think I'll turn in.  I know we will be back to visit the gardens this summer at least a few times.  Have you ever been to Reiman gardens?  Do you have anything like this near where you live?

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