Friday, July 8, 2011

More Entertaining Faces...Courtesy of the Birthday Boy


 Evidently my son has been taking lessons from his younger nephews, you can see their interesting faces here.  When I looked at the pictures I took during the birthday party the other day, I found quite a few pics of him that made me giggle.  These are not natural faces, trust me, this kid is posing for these pictures. 

 Granted, he was really excited about getting this panda pillow pet.  He has been asking for one for several months.  He is a funny kid.  He also asked for a compass, a slide whistle...(I'm like WTF Batman!), I had to look up what a slide whistle WAS.  I recognized the sound, but I had never actually seen one in real life. 

 He got this Playmobil set from his Pop Pop.  He was thrilled.  If you have never heard of Playmobils, here is the link to their site.  I played with these things when I was a little girl, and I saved a bunch of them that he plays with now.  I don't think I ever had a set this big and cool when I was young though.  It is a school, and the little people have ALL these accessories.  They are like the little people that come with legos, but a little bigger and more complex. 

 I was really surprised how much he liked the pillow pet.  He has carried it around with him most of the time since the party yesterday.  I sprang for the 'real' pillow pet, not the knockoff.  It is super soft.  I guess it is rather soothing. 

In all, he was in a spectacular mood for most of the day.  He had a good attitude during the party and interacted well with everybody there.  Sometimes he can be rather moody, so I can never predict what flavor I am going to get with him.  I think you can tell by the way he is sharing a story with his new friend, we had a really good day. 


  1. fun family shares how great are those moments in time <|;-)

  2. B is so stinking cute! Love the bug book. Is it a good one. K loves bugs!

  3. That PlayMobil set looks awesome! I bet he'll have lots of fun with that. I'd love to get Nick a set like that, but I'm relatively sure he'd just lose the pieces.

    I keep getting Nick all these cool toys with little pieces, and he just loses the little pieces. Sigh. Maybe when he's older.

    That's cute that he likes the pillow pet so much. Even though he's a big boy, he still wants something to cuddle. :)


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