Friday, July 29, 2011

Lilies That Grow in My Garden

If you read my blog regularly, you might recall me saying that my three favorite perennial flowers are hardy hibiscus, lilies, and iris, in that order.  The lilies are one of my favorites for good reason.  This one is my favorite of all of them. 

These lilies are ones that I purchased from the lady that grows hybrid lilies that she pollinates herself.  I have many other lilies in my yard, but they were left by the previous owner, and they are pretty, but they are the kind of daylilies you can go to a nursery and buy. 

I love these lilies though because they are one of a kind...this one reminds me of yogurt and jam.

I think these are lilies that I got for free when I purchased some of the fancier lilies, but they are also very pretty. 

Some of these I have had for a few years, and I think they are seeding and making babies that are crosses of each other.  I suppose one day I might try crossing my own lilies, but at this point, I'm content to let the bees and wasps take care of that for me.

You can tell I have gone through a really peach/yellow/orange phase in the last few years.  I think next time I buy, I will look for white or a lemony yellow. 

This one and the next are my newest ones.  This is only their 2nd year in my garden and they make 30-40 blooms on one clump.  I go through several weeks with blooms, even though they only last one day.  The only thing I don't like about lilies is having to go through and clean up all the yucky old blooms to keep them looking tidy.  You also have to watch out for the pollen...if you get it on your clothes, it is there forever. 

This clump of lilies reminds me of a braeburn apple.  They are so gorgeous. 

Lilies are the gift that keeps on giving...the clump will keep growing and should be divided every 2 to 3 years to keeps it blooming well.  I will leave these for one more year before I divide them.  Then I will have lilies to put somewhere else or give to a friend!

Do you grow special lilies in your yard?  I'd love to know if you hybridize your own lilies.


  1. My lilies need a lot of work. They're so crowded they're not flowering much. And yet, every time I think of going outside, the humidity tells me no. Sigh. Maybe this weekend.

  2. Ooooh...they are beautiful! And you are right--that one does look a lot like a Braeburn apple!


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