Monday, July 18, 2011

A MiniVacation to Illinois


 My friend Melissa from C'est la Vie recently had a baby...darling little Henry.  Melissa, (who I call Missy, I'm probably the only one in the world that still calls her that) and I have been friends for going on 14 years now.  We have been friends through college, boyfriends, marriage, long-distance moves, divorces, and children.  We work pretty hard to keep our friendship going, even with our busy lives. That means almost every summer, my son and I head out to the Chicago suburbs to visit.  This time though, I got some baby crack!  Not like the crack on his backside.  I mean the drug that an adorable baby is to most women.  My son was pretty entranced by Henry too...he spent a lot of time holding, feeding, and loving on the baby.  He even said he would love to be a babysitter, except for the poopy diaper part. 

 Henry is only 5 weeks old, which means he can't hold on to many things yet, and he kicks randomly, but doesn't have a lot of coordinated movements yet.  I couldn't resist giving him this little teddy bear while he was lying on his boppy pillow.  I thought maybe I saw him smile a little bit and give it a few kicks like he was enjoying himself. (Probably my imagination).

My son hasn't been this little in quite a while, so I really enjoyed getting some serious baby lovin' in.  He fell asleep in the crook of my arm a few times...I could get used to this. 

When I wasn't snorting baby smell, we got to spend a lot of time visiting.  We spent one whole day eating and shopping.  Here we were having a little 'snack' at Houlihans. 

If you see my friend Missy's will know she also has an outgoing 2-year old son named Nick.   My son also spent a lot of time chasing and running around with Nick.  I'll leave you with this video of them having an awesome time in the dressing rooms at a store at the outlet mall.  I was trying a shirt on, and Missy took this video.  Obviously, there wasn't anyone else in the dressing rooms, or we wouldn't have let them run in and out like that.  It would have been quite shocking to anyone who would have been in there.  But it did keep the kids busy for a few minutes. 

I have so many pictures I'll have to show some more in another post.  In the meantime, where have you gone this summer?  Don't you love getting to visit old friends?


  1. What an adorable baby! Looks like you guys had so much fun! Maybe one day I will get to meet you and missy!

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