Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Year...Another Birthday Party

 It is hard to believe that another whole year has gone by.  My little boy just turned eight, and my stepdaughter is turning 13, so it was time for the big family birthday party we throw at our house.  Since neither child expressed much interest in any certain theme, I went for a red, white, and blue '4th of July' theme.  I love 4th of July stuff, I keep adding to my decor every year a little at a time. 

Here is our spread.  Unfortunately, I ate much more than I should have, so Gardenmom will be spending some extra time on the treadmill tomorrow.  

 My 'firecracker bursts' are actually gladiator allium stems, sprayed with red, white, and blue spray paint.  I am really psyched with how they turned out.  I think if I take care of them, they will last quite a while. 

 Of course, no family gathering is complete without the menfolk throwing it down.  My guy still always wins. 

 However, my stepson is getting so grown up, he is starting to give DH a little more trouble.  This picture kind of caught me by 'manlike' my stepson is looking.  Don't be fooled, he still has a man/child brain. 

I did not make this ice cream cake, but I was doing my best 'the price is right' model showcase pose.  I have so many picture of the birthday party, I will have to save some for another day.  In all, it was a great success, if you want any leftover buffalo chicken dip, come on over.


  1. Wow, that looks like some spread! I like your firework flower explosion thingies. Very cool.

    So your guys wrestle a lot, huh? I must not be used to boys, because it still shocks me when Nick wants to wrestle with everyone. Must be a boy thing, I think. I cannot remember wrestling with my sister. Occasional catfights, yes, but those were not playing.

  2. I love the fireworks you made! Sounds like a fab party! Your step son has grown up alot. Boys and wrestling!

  3. i love this blog. i can't take my eyes on the firecracker bursts, the colors are perfect. they are all my favorites. please keep blogging.


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