Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visit to Michigan

Today we drove up to Frankenmuth, MI to visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. This is a really cool Christmas store that is open all year-round.

It was a kind of surreal experience to walk through the huge store, and have everything decked out in lights and glittery snow. Lifesize Santas are everywhere...and huge decorations hang from the ceiling. Christmas music is even playing. You almost expect to step outside and see snow! We spent about three hours in the store, I think. I didn't spend a huge amount, but I did get a really cute tray for my Christmas cookies and some ornaments for family members.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic This is a pic of my dad and my son, resting after our long day of shopping. I think my dad is rather worn out by a combination of his sore neck, shopping (not his favorite), and my son's constant questions and relentless energy. I guess I am used to it. ; )

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Yesterday we went to a Michigan farmer's market. We got there kind of late, because we needed to sleep in a little after arriving so late the night before on the amtrak train. We got into our station at about midnight. Anyways, there was a Great Harvest bread store right next to the farmer's market, so we went over and got some granola, some 'trek' bars, and a very yummy cranberry white chocolate muffin. The muffin is not pictured because it is 'in my tummy'.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic A lady at the farmer's market was selling these great locally made sauces and salsas. I got a spicy arriabiatta sauce, hot salsa, and roasted red pepper mustard. I can't wait to burn my mouth out with these. The pasta sauce will go really well with my eggplants that will most likely be ready when we get back this weekend.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic Some beautiful pattypan squash and crookneck squash from the market. I am growing both of these at home, but mine are not ready yet. I got started a little late. We also got a fantastic bag of local Michigan cherries. Yum yum. Maybe some will go into smoothies when we get home.

Bronner's christmas wonderland! on Twitpic One of the views in the Christmas tree forest in Bronner's. Maybe some of you get a catalog from them in the mail. Well, the store is much better. All these lights made my eyes blurry.

Listening to mp3 player on train. on Twitpic All these pics are from my phone, which is why they are different. They don't have a card reader here, so I am so far unable to access the pics I took with my regular camera. My son and I rode the Amtrak train up Tuesday, which took from 840 AM in Iowa to 12AM in Michigan. We had to change trains in Chicago, with a two hour layover. That was a mess...that place was more hectic (Union Station) than many airports I've been in. Here my son is chilling out late at night listening to my mp3 player.

We are going for a walk , so I will probably wait and post again on Sunday when I am back home and have all my pictures. Hope everyone is doing well and talk to you soon!

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