Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Love Lilies!...or We're Going to take a twip on a twain...

I just like this picture...and I'm tired, so let's start with that. I am trying to lose weight. I have put on about 15-20 lbs in the last year and a half, due to stress and way too much bad eating. I love vegetables and healthy food, I just eat way too much of it. Before last year, I would have said I ate healthier than most people I knew...but that is definitely not true this last year. Yes...maybe baked fish and steamed veggies, but then later, 1/2 a box of annie's chocolate bunnies.

I am really tired of buying new clothes, so something has to be done. Plus, I am tired of feeling bloated and tired all of the time. My allergies have gotten much worse in the last week, so I gave in and took a claritin-d. And then I noticed something weird...I wasn't hungry. A major ingredient of claritin-d is pseudophedrine. I haven't really wanted to eat much at all the last two days. I figure this is pretty effective, suppressing my hunger and relieving my allergies at the same time. I have had to make myself eat today, which is awesome, because usually I am willing myself to stay out of the kitchen so I don't eat something with too many calories. I know I eat for comfort, as relief for stress, and once you start overeating, it is so hard to stop. You feel like you have to eat until you are stuffed all the time. I want to get back to eating regular portions and just having treats every once in a while, not every day. Now, if I could just give up diet soda, that would be great.

My son and I are taking a train trip up to visit my Dad in Michigan this week. Instead of preparing for a 12-hour train ride with a six-year-old...what I am doing? Planting lilies! I scored 6 lilies for 4 bucks each at a greenhouse clearance on Saturday. I have to get them in the ground before I leave on my trip, because my guy won't water them enough, and then I'll have dead lilies.

I got two kinds of white/pink ones. The all white ones are awesome, they are called Casa Blanca. I also got two stargazers, and two hybrid sparkly ones.

All this, and Nan Ripley's hybrid lily sale is next weekend! Because of my trip, I don't get to go til the last day of the sale, I am hoping it is not completely picked over. At least this way, I got some new lilies no matter what.

My tepee is well under way now...with malabar spinach and moonflower vine. I think I could probably start eating the spinach without affecting the plant too much at this point. Note to self, DO NOT plant fennel next to the tepee next year. They are getting all tangled up together.

I love this reminds me of a Hidden Valley Ranch The sun just looked so beautiful reflecting off of the soybean field (not mine, I might mention...we just live next to it) and my sunflowers...which are going on 6 ft tall now.

This is a view from one side of my sun bed...pretty good so far, as some things grow in more, it will be stunning. Tomorrow is packing and cleaning day. My guy is staying behind to hold down the fort, and water the plants. I have got to get everything done tomorrow because we are leaving very early. Hopefully I will have lots of great pics to share from Michigan and our train trip.

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