Friday, July 10, 2009

The Farmers Market

These are all the things I got at the Farmer's Market. It was a pretty small one, only 4 or 5 stands, but as you can see, we did okay.

We got:
3 cucumbers
1 green cabbage
1 red cabbage
2 tomatoes
1 purple bell pepper
3 banana peppers
1 pint of little purple potatoes
a jar of apple jelly
1/2 pint of black raspberries
a small loaf of oatmeal molasses bread
and...3 little bags of cut up free range chicken pieces

In spite of my shyness, I suddenly find myself able to talk to people at a farmer's market. Maybe it is because I am in my element. I discuss localities, produce size, jam production methods, chicken treatment, and more. I also feel like I need to buy something from everybody. We need to support them and their work. Everything looks so fantastic and healthy. I know the work that goes into producing all those vegetables, so I feel obligated to help them out and make sure they can continue to come back week after week.

Aren't these potatoes awesome? I knew there was such a thing, but I had never had the opportunity to buy any before. And the prices were just fantastic. I don't know who thinks organic food is overpriced, but I got this pint of potatoes for a dollar. More than enough for our meal tonight. I chopped them into 1 inch pieces, tossed them with lemon pepper and olive oil and baked them in the oven until tender. This is my son's FAVORITE way to eat potatoes. He told my stepdaughter...I love these potatoes. Mom, you are THE BEST COOKER-EVER. This is what i get when he likes what I cook.

We also had buttermilk fried chicken (which is a happy organic free-range one) and biscuits. It all turned out like this:

The buttermilk chicken was okay...I was kind of in the mood for crispy, but the buttermilk made the coating softer. Next time I think I would just skip the buttermilk and go for the crunch. I am not a fried chicken kind of woman. I make it about once a year. Not very healthy for you (but neither are the reeses and special dark minis that I ate out of the kids' pinata stash either).

I had planned to get some tomato staking done today, but I had tire drama. The kids' uncle came by to give them birthday money, and he noticed my front tire was really flat. It was flat because it had a large sharp piece of plastic something in it. So tomorrow I am heading to town after airing it up to get my tire patched. Luckily it is a very slow leak. I also thought the air conditioning was broken today. Maybe it just froze up. It was hot and sticky, and the AC wasn't running outside. The inside part was running, but the fan part outside was still. I tried it later this evening though, and it seems to be moving now. I just don't understand why the numbers on the thermostat aren't changing.

The six year old is taking his first crack at checkers. With my help, we beat the pants off of the 14 year old. Lol.

The one thing I got done today is freezing my pea harvest. First, I prepared the boiling water.

I added the peas to the water and boiled for 90 seconds. This kills the enzymes and bacteria that spoil the food and cause decay.

Next, I plunge the peas into ice water for 90 seconds, to stop the cooking process.

I drained the peas, and got out as much water as possible.

Finally, I bagged up the peas to freeze. Hopefully they will still taste good when I try to eat them in a few months.

Well, I am headed to bed. I have this neurotic compulsion to get to Walmart as soon as they open, to get my tire repaired. Thanks Mom.

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