Sunday, July 12, 2009

Midsummer Day

Isn't this cute? This is bean bag toss game I got my son for his birthday. I was trying to get him more games and things to play with outside. He needs to work on his sportsmanship though. He gets really upset if he doesn't get to win.

The seemingly simple bean bag toss took 45 minutes to put together. The guinea pigs got to have a day out as well. They got to serve as spectators for the bean bag game. Instead of popcorn or peanuts, they get grass and clover!

They really enjoy their days out in the yard. Unfortunately, I don't take them out as much as I probably should. Rainy days and extreme heat or even drafts can be very bad for them. I move the cage top every so often, and they mow the grass down to the ground.

I didn't do very much in the yard today. All three kids were here the whole week, and my two stepchildren went back to their mom's house today. My son went to his dad's house after church today. I had the whole house to myself this afternoon! What did I do? I took a nap! By the time I got up and had some dinner, there wasn't much time left to do anything except a little weeding and take a few pictures.

Here is my first nasturium flower. I have two kinds planted this year. This is from a mix of bright orange and yellows.

A vigorously growing red chard here, so far untouched by the bunnies, This is one of the five colors of chard that I am growing.

The other of my two hybridized lilies. Not sure what the name is for this one, but it is the most beautiful cream color, with purple edging that looks like glittery purple jam. This one is definitely my favorite.

My malabar spinach finally took off in the last few weeks. It is climbing up my stick tepee, along with the moonflower. This is edible, but I am waiting for it to grow a little more before I start taking little leaves.

The sun setting on my sunflowers...most of which are about 4 and 1/2 feet tall so far.

One of my little baby least 5 inches long at this point. I think I am going to put something under him, he is sitting on the ground. I don't want him to rot before I pick him. I have a few this size.

This is a striped toga eggplant. It is an heirloom variety. They turn from green and yellowish to orange with green stripes. About 3 inches long when they are ready....not as big as a conventional eggplant, I guess. I like to try different things.

My new tomato tepee. I made it out of 6 ft. bamboo poles. I can't wait to get some heirloom tomatoes. It will probably be August before I get any of those though...because my seedlings took so long to get started. They are growing really well though, I am optimistic. I have Brandywine, Gold Medal, and Crnkovic White Beauty.

In news unrelated to gardening, I changed my nose piercing jewelry for the first time today. It was a little painful. This one is a little bigger and a lot more gemstone shows with this one. On the way to lots of rockin' jewelry! Yay for personal expression!

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