Monday, July 20, 2009

Attack of the Sneaky Squash

I feel like such a dork, because I am sad to be leaving on my trip tomorrow. I am sad because I will miss the lilies. Stargazer lilies at least stay open for a week or so, but these will surely be gone when I get back. I am not sure why I am so sentimental, but maybe it is because they only bloom for a few days out of the year, and it just happens to be when I am leaving for five days. The other kind of lilies, that each bloom only lasts a day, that is even more of a bummer. The last blooms of the year will be tomorrow on a few of them, and I will miss that too. I am really lucky though, because this year they bloomed every day for several weeks.

My new hibiscus is getting ready to open one of its stunning, plate-sized blooms. I guess that isn't as bad, because there are so many blooms left, I won't miss too much of that. Am I a nerd for wanting my guy to text me a pic of the bloom when it opens?

Meanwhile, the sneaky spaghetti squash that is here trying to escape my garden will have engulfed the entire backyard by the time I get back.

Here is a pic of it running amuck through the carrots and around the dill. Don't mind the very very very bolted lettuce. I feed it to my guinea pigs, they don't mind if it's bolted...yum yum yum.

This is the first tiny little crookneck squash. I think they are my favorite, after spaghetti squash. This year, in squash, I planted: spaghetti, crookneck, hubbard, zucchini, chioggia (sp?...a so ugly it's cute green bumpy pumpkin), musque de provence (a green and orange pumpkin thing), kukinza (sp?...a light orange pumpkin thing), ornamental gourds, and pattypan squash. The pumpkins I got in kind of late, so I am not sure if I will get any this year, but definitely next year, if not this one. Think I will have enough squash? Ha ha.

Tomorrow is the big train trip, so it will be a couple days til I get back to the blog probably. I will have lots of pics from Michigan in a few days. Please leave comments if you would. I love comments.

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