Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now that Gardening is My Day Job

Thank goodness for summer break! I thought that school would never end. It isn't that I don't love all my kids, but teachers need a break so that they can stay sane and be fresh and hopeful for the next school year. So far, it is just wonderful to relax, sleep in, and tackle more gardening projects. Here is a current pic of my veggie garden. You can see green onions, spinach, and several rows of lettuce.

This is kohlrabi, tomato plants in various stages, and various varieties of peppers. Plus basil and eggplant.

Here the corn is up. The first two rows. I am going to do another two rows the end of this week. I also have 4 rows of beans (3 kinds) planted next to the corn, but they aren't up yet.

More peppers and kohlrabi. I haven't ever eaten kohlrabi, but I will try anything once.

This is some of my five-color chard, which I have transplanted into my garden. As far as I can tell, I have all five colors, but I guess time will tell. The colors are very mute when the plants are small.

This is a view of the field that you can see from my back and sideyard. It is starting to green up. You can see down by the field is a box, and small canna bulbs (actually rhizomes) lying along the edge. I planted all the bulbs along the field, so I will have a canna 'fence'.

I just thought this guy was pretty with the dragon's tears in it. I am hoping tomorrow to get my marigolds planted, and also some of my squash. I will also have to do some repair, the storm that came through this evening beat some plants down. My sunflower seedlings are all beaten down. I hope they all come back up on their own, and I don't have to stake them up. All I know is that the wind is so strong it knocked down my tepee, so I will have to put that back up, and it was pushing my gas grill across the patio!

Completely unrelated to the wind, is my son's grill. He lost the two top front teeth in two days. They were loose anyways, but the process was speeded along by the hard skull of one of those horrible triplets from preschool. The first tooth was knocked loose onto the gym floor...the second one he pulled out himself on the second day. Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter...

Say "Braces"....

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