Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation is Fun but Exhausting!

Last night when we were shopping at an outlet mall, a MAJOR storm went over. It caused a lot of damage to the area, pulling down power lines and tree branches. We had to run for the car with the 5 year old and the baby. We got completely soaked by the time we got there. So, considering how wet we got, we don't look half bad for dinner.

Yesterday we spent several hours at an indoor waterpark at the local YMCA. I am sure there are countries that are easier to get into than this place. My friend has a membership already, but my son and I had to purchase a daily pass. Since, my friend hadn't added her infant son yet, they put him on the account. Then they took HIS PICTURE AND GAVE THE 7-MONTH OLD HIS OWN MEMBERSHIP CARD. As if upon entering the Y, the baby will remove his membership card from his diaper and wave it at the desk clerk. Then, they made us fill out a front and back full page form with our information. They took our pictures, but then we didn't get a card. The charge for one day is 25 dollars! Maybe I am a naive Iowa gal, but that seems outrageous to me. I am used to things that are free or very cheap. My friend and I paid the fee together, because my son wanted to go swimming, but man...

We ended up having a lot of fun...even after the sticker shock. It was a very cool place. My son ran around grinning and showing the gap between his teeth the whole time.

We are leaving very early in the morning. We have a lot of driving to do to get back home. So, I give up for tonight.

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