Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll Wrestle You For a Cookie!


Hmmm...after I looked at this picture, I kept thinking it looked familiar.  Then I looked back and found this post.  What is it about this time of year that brings on wrestling in the kitchen?  Is it the boys being cooped up indoors?  Is it  my stepson being in wrestling at school?  Or is it that there is only one peanut butter cookie left, and the winner gets it?  I vote for number 3, just cause my cookies are so awesome... ;)

In spite of Dad kicking his rear end, my stepson seems to still be in a good mood.  Possibly because I told them more cookies will be ready soon.  

All the kids take their turns cutting out shapes to fill a tray. They each have their favorite cookie cutters.  Some of the cookie cutters were passed down to me by my mother.  We have some trains my son particularly loves.  

We always get a laugh when someone can't guess one of the shapes, and calls it something bizarre.  This year we had a rule.  No junk cookies.  The boys think it is funny to dump a pile of each kind of sprinkle on the same cookie.  This looks really, really gross.  And of course when it is time to eat the cookies, do they pick one of THOSE cookies?... NO.  They pick the pretty ones.  I put my foot down this year. 

The kids are all getting so big.  I remember doing this when my son was 2, my stepdaughter was 7, and my stepson was 10.  They were a heck lot smaller then, but I think they ate just as many cookies.  

Mommy has a happy smile here, but I was pretty cranky this day.  I was tired of cleaning up all these messes by myself.  I felt like the little red hen that grows the wheat, harvests the wheat, and when it's time to eat the bread, here comes everybody. I think the kids were tired of me snapping at them.  After I cleaned the cookie mess up, I took a nap.  Things were better after that.

And after the nap, I was happy to eat some of the results.  Cookie artists we may not be, but they all taste good!  A Christmas cookie will fix a lot of things!

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  1. Ok, now seeing a similar photo angle of the teenage boy, I can't believe how old HE looks! I am definitely remembering them in the era when they were 2-ish, 7-ish and 10-ish.

    Cookies look delish! We're making ginger snap cut-outs today that we'll frost. Somehow, even though B is very artistically inclined, between he and my dad, we get some of the most awfully decorated cookies! And we don't even have kids to blame it on. Oh well, they still taste great, right?


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