Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Starting to Feel a Bit like Christmas...


We haven't started decorating at our house yet, but the feel in the air has definitely changed to a Christmasy feel. There also has been a shift to indoor activities. For one, family pig-pile wrestling. Our 14-year old just started wrestling at school, and he likes to talk a little smack on his dad. As you can see, his dad proved that he is still number one. Then the 6-year old jumped on top for good effect.

This is my new advent calendar. I ordered it online. It somewhat reminded me of one we had as children. My brother and I would fight to put up the embroidered pieces on the tree. My mom still has it, she refuses to show favoritism by giving it to one or the other of us. I think she will probably pass away before one of us gets it, that way she doesn't make somebody upset. Naturally, I think I should get it since I am the oldest. If it came down to it, we would probably have a fight like the wrestling pictures above to get it. For now, this is the next best thing...I can't wait for my son to try it out.

Like I said, there has definitely been a shift to indoor activities...such as napping. Here, the 14-year old takes a nap on the couch...actually, he fell asleep at 830. What a party animal! He must be growing.

Before decorating, we have to get the house clean. Of course, my son is always willing to lend a hand with the vacuum. I'm sure most of the crumbs in the couch are from him anyways...

Today, we were even in the mood to bake...we made chocolate chocolate chip cookies. As you can see, my son enjoyed himself. Note the ring of chocolate around his mouth.

We did eat just a little batter....hey, everybody does it. There are actually quite a few cookies left tonight. I think we did pretty good. Gotta save some room for all those Christmas cookies coming up soon!

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  1. I really LOVE the Advent calendar, you choose what you want to put in the pockets, and it's recyclable. Yay!


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