Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Busy Christmastime!


We have been very busy around our household lately.  I don't get out of school for break until 2 days before Christmas, so I'm trying to cram a lot of Christmas preparations into my day-to-day schedule.  I'm really going to try and post more, even if it is just a picture and some thoughts.  I think I have this thing where I think I need 10 pictures, recipes, and the kitchen sink for it to be a proper blog post.  I need to relax a little, I think.  Anyways, my two best guys got together to put up our antique christmas tree light a week or so ago.  It is the old-fashioned kind that you put every little bulb in by hand.

It sits on top of our antique sewing machine...always.  You know how that is.  My son gets offended if my guy does it without him, and the other way around as well.  So, we have to wait until the planets align and they are both home at the same time. 

This is just a little attempt at making my own holiday trays for the table.  I love reindeer moss, I've decided.  It is awesome.   The color and texture is fascinating.

We've been doing a lot of baking, when I can fit it in.  My son likes to help me...especially when it involves unwrapping little candies.  We make the little hershey kiss cookies every year.

Forgive me while I get used to my new camera.  It took me 2 weeks of taking pictures with it before I realized that the flash won't work unless you lift it up by hand first.  LOL.  I've never had a camera where you had to do that.  They just automatically popped up the flash, or it had the flash built in.  This one is a little nicer.  It was a preChristmas treat to myself.  It  has more megapixels, and a much, much better digital zoom.  However, it takes me a long time to learn a camera, so some of my first shots are a little strange.  This one is my son taking a picture of me, because he really likes taking pictures.  He is excited because I said he could use my old camera. 

My guy and I had to go to his fancy-pants work Christmas party the other night.  I decided to dress up a little I required that he wear his nice clothes and tie.  We don't get many chances to dress up, so I was going to take advantage.  We had someone snap a few pictures of us so we have proof that we do own nice clothes.  Anyways, I am tired, and need to rest up, I have tons more to do this week.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. The tray is lovely! I love the look of the reindeer moss, but I suspect it would turn into kitty snacks at our house!

    Your little man looks so grown up - in the picture of his putting kisses on the cookies, at first glance I thought he was the teenager!

    You guys look all spiffed up for the party! Hope it was fun :)

  2. well, he is standing on a stool...LOL. but he is getting really big anyways.

  3. your son has keen eye for good photograph. Merry Christmas...

  4. Love that shawl you are wearing. Very fancy. Hope you two had fun! :)

  5. Actually, that shawl and that handbag, I bought at Claire's to go with my prom dress when I went to the junior prom! How funny is that?! Proof that you should never throw away formal dress accessories.


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