Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Short Visit to the Iowa Flower, Lawn, and Garden Show


Today is the first day in spring, and outside, you'd hardly know it.  The temps dropped back down to the 30s and the sky dropped about 3 inches of snow outside.  I know it will be gone by tomorrow when the temp is back into the upper 40s, but the cold is still a little depressing.  Luckily, I made a quick visit to the Iowa Flower, Lawn, & Garden Show.  I would have stayed longer, but my son gave me the stomach flu this week, so even though I'm not technically sick, I still wear out easy.  I just thought this blast of spring color was gorgeous. 

I thought this was a clever container.  This is actually one foxtail fern plant.  The lady working the stand said it was 2 years old.  I couldn't afford the cool kitty planter, but couldn't resist the dr. suess-like fuzzy tails. 

Living with a cop, I am always on the lookout for cool cop stuff.  This was also put on my wishlist.  You wouldn't believe how much a decorated rock costs.  I do believe I'm going to get one with our name on it, to put in the front. 

And you thought you had large lawn ornaments.  I love my little yardbird spider, but I think he would run and hide from this thing. Check the guy standing behind it for size reference. 

Of course, there are always lots of lanscaping displays.  I think they are pretty, and they are nice to see after all the winter months, but most of them do look the same.  I do covet the pretty brown mulch though.

Here are some of my purchases for the day.  Adding to my herb collection:  peppermint (I had chocolate mint, but wanted straight peppermint for 'herbaltinis'), a curry plant (smells great!), a stevia plant (an experiment, would like to get myself off artificial sweeteners), chervil (which I have never done, but sounds cool), and bronze fennel (which I don't eat but love to touch as I walk by). 

I had to get some of the little rocks today.  I turned the one with my son's name over, but he will be thrilled to see it out in the garden.

I just threw this pic on the end, because I was photographing the rhubarb out in the yard the other day.  I have never seen it come up, it is such a weird alien plant.  I have SOOO much of it back behind the garage.

So, I didn't spend as long as I might usually have spent in the show, but I still managed to spend plenty of money.  So maybe it's a good thing I left early.  More money for plants later, too. 


  1. That giant spider is so cool. I want one to sit on the top of my house. LOL.

  2. MrBrownThumb - Well, you wouldn't have problems with flies and other annoying insects!

  3. I've put foxtail fern on the to-buy list. There were engraved rocks at the Seattle show, too, but they were giant sized.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. That spider is going to haunt me. It made me laugh but dang, it's huge.


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