Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Many Perennials Can You Fit in a Laundry Room?


Okay, there are a lot of pictures today, because pictures were highly requested.  This is 100 perennials in a moving truck with a bunch of other garage stuff.  I was so worried about the plants.  My fiance was getting really irritated with me, with all the fussing I was doing. We had to do a whole truckload of outdoor plants and other gardening things before we could even get started on the rest of the stuff. 

The poor little things. I was so worried about them being cold.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't worry about my plants outside in the Iowa winter, they are very hardy for the most part.  For those of you that don't know, I found out I was moving in early November.  I knew I would probably be moving in late winter, when I had no chance of getting anything out of the ground.  Since we were renting, I wasn't going to leave ANY of my plants there.  I wanted to bring all of them to my new house (that we bought). So quick as I could, I dug them all up and threw them in pots and bags when I ran out of pots. Most of them lived out the winter in my garage.  Since my garage was about 45 degrees, they thought it was spring and starting putting out their new growth.  I was so scared to let them go through a hard freeze and kill off all that new growth. 

After some arguing and negotiation, my fiance and I agreed to put the perennials in the laundry room.  I know that sounds totally crazy, but we don't have room in the new garage, and it is almost the same as the outside air temperature there. So they all got carried down into the large laundry room, to wait until the ground thaws and the snow melts.


The seed rack got carefully moved into the laundry room as well.  This weekend, my seed starting operation will be expanded. 


Not only did the perennials go in the laundry room, so did the houseplants!  After more arguing and deliberation, my fiance and I agreed that the houseplants would go in there for now.  Until I get the rest of house unpacked and settled, it keeps them out of the way and safe.  


The warm, inside temperatures have fooled many of my plants.  Here, a sedum and some iris are getting started for the year. When they can be moved outside, they will have a little headstart on their growth. 

No corner of the room is left unfilled. 

While I was taking pictures, I found this little friend that hitched a ride from the old house. He is perfectly welcome to live here and invite all his friends!

My beautiful dining room is still filled with boxes and mess.  I hope to get some of that cleared out this weekend, and definitely done during spring break the week after next. 

The lead glass windows and 1920s charm sold us on this house.  We love old houses. Hopefully, I will be able to post some pictures of what it looks like without all the boxes soon.  Hopefully, I can get it done soon so I can spend all my free time outside digging in my new yard.  


  1. Thats alot of plants to be moved! I hope you didnt block the washer and dryer, lol! I cant wait to see your new garden! Congrats on you new place T.

  2. I'm so happy everything arrived safely! What a lot of work! You're house is beautiful, I adore the leaded windows etc.!!!!! I can't wait to see everything planted in the new gardens and blooming. :-) So worth the hard work, I'm sure!

  3. This is fabulous (of course only another gardener would think this). My husband we probably leave me if I tried to "house" that many plants. Great job winning that battle. I can't wait to see outside where they'll all go!

  4. yes - congrats on winning all those battles. What a guy! Somewhere down the line, with a glass of wine or something else in hand, maybe you'll both be able to have a good honest laugh about it all. And hopefully you are on the other side of all the yuckiest work and you can now look forward to the enjoyment of finding homes for everything real soon!


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