Friday, March 12, 2010

My New Yard!

This may be true for now, but not for long!  This garden is waking up!  The last two days we have had up to 50 degree temps and some good hard rains, and almost all the snow is finally gone.  Remember, I have never seen the yard of this house without a foot of snow.  I had NO IDEA what was out there.  It was really exciting to see what I have to work with.

The first surprise was a huge raised strawberry bed!  It is probably about 8 by 3 feet.  I am already smacking my lips thinking of strawberry jam and pie this summer.

This is the current garden space.  It is behind the detached garage, and looks ready to go without much work, so I will be out there soon sowing some early spring crops.  I'm not sure what she had in the sunken pots yet, I'll have to see if anything comes up in them. 

This is the garden plot from the other side.  There is an enclosed area that she had tomato plants in, I think. I will probably do some little lettuces and greens in there. Built in bunny protection. 

The back of the yard has a big fence running along it.  There is a huge flower bed running the whole length of the property.  The fence belongs to the neighbors, so I probably won't be able to hang things on it, but maybe they will let me lean some trellises against it.  That would be a good trade considering their dog barks all day and all night.

This is one of the few trees we have in our yard.  I am bad at identifying trees.  Is it blue spruce?  That is my favorite Christmas tree, and it looks like that.  If not, please correct me.

This is the view of the house from the far back of the yard.  My yard is skinny, but very long.  I have an excellent view of the backyard from my bedroom window.

This neighbor's back porch literally pops right out into my backyard.  There will be a fence going up there as soon as I can afford it for privacy, but this year there will be a 'living fence' of sunflowers and giant zinnias.  The garden space will be almost tripled from what it is currently, as long as there are no underground cables in the way, it will gl clear over to where the small tree is on the right. I might even take that tree out, because in years to come it may end up shading my garden.

This is the side of my detached garage.  There will either be trellising beans or some kind of flowers here eventually.

Another nice surprise.  A large 'wheel' in the sideyard.  It has some delicate little plant growing in it, with a larger version in the center.  I was thinking if it gets enough sun, this might be a great centerpiece for my formal herb garden.

This is my sideyard.  A lovely privacy fence blocks the patio area behind the house.  There are some perennials here already, I can't wait to see what they are.

This is the beforementioned patio area.  Right now it is filled with miscellaneous garden stuff, waiting to be dispersed throughout the yard.  I was so happy to see what was out there today.  I think there is even more potential than I thought there would be.  Now, while I am unpacking, I am dreaming of gardening and seeds outside.


  1. I can't wait to see how you plant it all! What a blessing to have discovered a strawberry patch!I can just see you looking from your bedroom window at the end of a beautiful summer day while the birds sing goodnight and your garden is growing..happy new home friend! :-)

  2. We finally made it to the mid 40's today. We still have more snow around than you do. But, it will come! Oh, and in regards to the pine tree- I say Christmas tree, it is! Your garden will be all woke up very soon!

  3. Congrats. Looks like you have a nice amount of space to garden in. Can I send you my seeds to grow for me? Aint no way I'm getting all of these seeds planted in my garden, I'd need one about the size of yours.

  4. MrBrownThumb - Hmmmm, after I plant the millions of seeds I bought, I'll see if there is any room left, but I'm not optimistic.


  5. T,
    It looks great! A strawberry patch is awesome! I love all your ideas! Did the pile of bricks come with the house? I love using bricks in my garden.
    Have fun with your new garden and I cant wait to see what you do!
    Happy Gardening!

  6. Jenn,

    No, the pile of bricks is mine. I loaded them all in my van and transported them to the new house. 250 antique bricks. Moved twice. It was extremely hard work. Don't know where I'll use them yet, but didn't want to give them up.

  7. What potential you have here. You are fortunate to get a space that hasn't been landscaped - you can do anything you want with it. Can't wait to see how it grows!

  8. I can almost feel your excitment. It's like a treasure hunt - to find out what was there under the snow! I am curious - what is in those sunken pots? You have a good size yard! Good luck and happy spring to you!

  9. What fun to be exploring your new homestead! I imagine it will be hard to spend any time indoors over the next seven months. Looking forward to stories and photos of your progress as you make your yard your own!


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