Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Tipping & Apple Chucking!

Last weekend we had a fun visit to our favorite pumpkin farm.  My son, in particular, kept very busy during our time there.  For instance, while I was talking, he managed to tip EVERY SINGLE PUMPKIN in an entire yard, over on its side.  I'm sure the pumpkin farm people LOVED him later when they had to stand them all up again. 

My son is a funny kid.  I'm sure Nick was wondering what my son had in mind with this project.  Nick is just following along, watching. 

We didn't end up getting our pumpkins here, we waited for another day to get those.  We love this place, but they charge by the pound for the pumpkins, and that adds up really fast. 

There is a fee to get in, but there is definitely plenty to do to get your money's worth.  This year, my son and my stepson tried out the apple chucker. 

Yes, besides eating apples, you can also catapult them hundreds of feet towards targets! 

I don't know if we actually hit ANY targets, but it was a lot of fun.


  1. It IS funny! My boys catapulted little pumpkins recently! I have never seen such a thing before! I guess apples can fly even further than pumpkins!

  2. That chucker looks like so much fun- my son would love that. We have a traditional "pumpkin hurl" off the deck. Would you believe my son asked if he could hurl it TODAY? WEEKS before Halloween??! No way.


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