Monday, October 10, 2011

Cute and Corny!

This weekend I was so fortunate to have my friend Melissa from C'est la Vie come to visit.  Her kids are younger than mine, and she has an energetic 2-year old, and an ADORABLE 4-month old.  Henry reminds me of a cabbage patch doll I loved as a child...if I find a picture I'll post it. 

Melissa and I took all the kids to the fantastic pumpkin farm we visit every year.  The corn pool is always a big hit.  Melissa just shakes her head, and mutters things about crazy Iowans, and 'only in Iowa', but she knows the kids love it!  I don't know if little Henry knew what to think of lying on all that corn. 

Little Nick knew how he felt about the corn...FUN!

Maybe too much fun for the big kids!  There were some tired teenagers that night.  In the background of this picture you can see my son taking a flying leap into the sea of yellow. 

We all had to take turns passing Henry around...he is just so cute, we all want to hold him!

Melissa and I have been friends so long, it is really fun to see our kids growing up together.  We are both making memories that will last lifelong. 

Plus, my guy and I got to spend some time relaxing together, while we watched the kids 'swim'.  Too bad there is no waiter with a fancy drink for me. 

The weather was fantastic, it was in the mid to high 80s all weekend.  Unbelievable hot pumpkin farm temperatures.  It made for a really fun weekend for all.  We took so many pics, stay tuned for future posts to see the rest. 

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  1. What great pics and a fun way to spend the day with friends! I love the "corn swimming!"


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