Friday, October 15, 2010

Bloom Day - October!


I am just thrilled to see all the things that are blooming on this October Bloom Day!  A year ago, I had almost nothing to photograph because we had a freak cold snap in October.  We got 3 inches of snow close to this date last year.  So, I am very glad to have high 70s and high 80s for temps this year.  Because we have only had minimal frost, almost everything is still hanging on in my garden. Of course the annuals are looking very tired, but most of the perennials are still alive.  This is one of my new coneflowers...I don't remember the name is something about sunset I think.  (I looked it up...Big Sky series, Sunset).  

My pineapple sage is a rockstar as usual.  I bet the hummingbirds love this, but it is around the corner of my garage, so I can't see it from the house. 

My dwarf iris, banbury ruffles always blooms twice a year.  It got moved to the front yard this spring, so it is doing a much better job blooming this second time.  The first time it bloomed it was still in my laundry room. I love iris so much, so it is such a treat to get a bearded iris in the fall.  

This is one of the lovely mounding nasturtiums, which I think I like slightly more than the climbing/trailing version.  The mound is so delightfully round and uniform.  This one is from the jewel mix...and the foliage is so perky and happy. 

One of my potted mums from Dahls.  I love this burgundy color.  I am going to try planting it in my yard after it is done blooming this fall.  

One of my favorite annuals for containers are geraniums.  This one has been so happy to sit on my front steps all summer in mostly shade.  It actually did much better than the ones that were getting much sun.  The poor fellow sitting next to him didn't fare as well, unfortunately.  

To add some fall color, I put some kale and some perennial asters in around this bed.  I have bulbs coming to plant this fall in the middle, under the spider web.  So in the spring will be bulbs, in the summer will be zinnias, and the fall will be mums, kale, and asters.  

The graveyard keeps growing and growing.  I need to get a nighttime shot.  I also need a fog machine.  

Buttercream nasturtium.  Gorgeous big flowers that stick out from the foliage. No hiding underneath. 

Deep red amaranthus, heavy with seeds/grains.  I want to try harvesting it when it dries out a little more. 

Unfortunately by the next bloom day, most of my flowers will be in the same shape as this guy.  What's blooming in your garden right now?


  1. I like the mounding nasturiums, too. I wish someone would plant some around here. Mostly, I'm a sucker for Irises. Though I usually claim I won't plant anything I don't plan to eat, I bought a bunch of iris bulbs this fall and will be setting them out in the next week or so.

  2. Lovely flowers! Is the mounding Nasturtiums grown in a pot? Are there different type of Nasturtiums; mounding and trailing or does it appear like that because it is grown in a pot?

  3. Lovely garden. I love the mounding nasturtiums, they look great. I have never had irises bloom twice. lucky you!

  4. One - the mounding nasturtiums just grow that way in the ground. Aren't they neat? Yes, there are 2 kinds of nasturtiums...the kind that snake across the ground, or trail down from a pot, and the kind that makes a neat little mound like this. I think they actually do better in the ground than in a pot. The mounding ones seem to do better in the ground, and the trailing ones do better in a container. It usually says on the seed packet what kind they are.

    That Bloomin' Garden- I think the dwarf irises just do that...none of my other irises bloom twice,...just these little ones.

    Cityslipper - I am a sucker for irises too. They are in my top 4 plants. (Hibiscus, lilies, iris, zinnias) One of my tattoos is a purple bearded iris...that's how much I love them!

  5. Only my autumn joy are blooming now. My husband hacked everything else to pieces last weekend. For me, the blooming season is over. :( I'm jealous of those irises--mine only bloom once, and it's usually when it's too cold to be outside an enjoy them.

  6. have you ever tried to overwinter nasturtiums? i have heard it is possible and i think i will try it. just cant resist those plants! yours are pretty.

  7. Daricia - I have not tried to overwinter nasturtiums. I guess I could, but since they are so easy to grow from seed, I don't mind starting them over in the spring each year. Thanks for commenting!

  8. You have a lot of beautiful blooms still in your garden. About the only thing still blooming is mine are the nasturtiums.


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