Friday, August 20, 2010

The Unnamed Tomato


Okay, I am confused.  I have two tomatoes here, and I am sure that ONE of them is Mr. Stripey.  At first, I thought it was the one on the left.  A beautiful tomato in itself....very firm, large, little cracking, nice orange color.  However, today I found the tomato on the right.  While it is still a little green...I think it is the actual Mr. Stripey.  Let's examine evidence piece #2.

When I flip them over, I believe the 2nd one has the telltale 'stripes' of Mr. Stripey.  Which is fine, it is also a beautiful hefty tomato.  But this leaves me with a problem.

What is the first tomato?  My friend @erynia from twitter gave me many plants, but I don't think this is one she gave me.  I also bought a few random tomato plants at the greenhouse, which is where I think this one came from.  What is it then?  I would be very grateful for help identifying it, because it is a very nice-tasting one.  Is it orange enough to be Nebraska Wedding Tomato?  I can't remember if I picked one of those up or not.  May seems so long ago.  Maybe I wrote it in my garden journal.

These are black cherry tomatoes....I just think they are lovely. 


  1. I cant offer much help in distinguishing types of tomato. I can only pinpoint with full confidence towards cherry tomato. Nice tomato you have, a little marked, but alright. ~bangchik

  2. The green toped one is a Mr.stripey, the other one, maybe a pineapple Heirloom tomato. other then that I have no idea!

  3. I'm behind on reading blogs - sorry I didn't see this sooner! But I think I might have your answer! Did you take any of my Brandywine plants? The package of seeds had both red and yellow plants in it:

    I don't have any yellow Brandywines yet for us to compare this to, (still just swimming in romas), but maybe this is your mystery tomato?


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