Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nastiness in August


All my nasturtiums are having a little trouble with the heat.  The trouble being that I am too busy to water every day, so sometimes they get a little DRY.  These are my master gardener sale nasties, they are growing big and huge, but they got really shaggy and yucky looking on the bottom, so I gave it a massive haircut.

Spitfire and another nasty cousin are hanging out in the side of this barrel planter.  Hopefully the cannas will bloom soon, they will look fabulous with the red spitfires and the yellow nasties.

They are just starting to peek out over the edge of the barrel here.  I love the foliage colors in this container.  All the greens have some cool blue mixed in with them. 

My tippy pot planter is not doing so well.  The top pots get so dry, I have given up on getting the top two to grow anything.  The nasties in the bottom are doing pretty good, and spitfire is starting to catch up in the middle.  I did give it some fertilizer last week finally.  Next year I am going to mix in some of those water holding crystals into the dirt in this thing.

Here are some more spitfires back here.  They are not doing much.  The extreme shade caused by the fast growing kale and cucumber trellis have blocked the nasties from a lot of the sun.  They are green, but not getting very big. 

Can you tell I like blue and purple foliage? 

More cool tones in the front...this spitfire cousin is starting to take off, making its characteristic 'hump'. 

I think these are my best spitfire flowers, this one is still kind of leggy, but it got fertilizer too, so maybe it will do a little better from now on. 

This is what else I was doing today before I took my blog post pictures. Pulling bean pods off the vines.  Very relaxing, yes?

I am making butter in the next few days, so check back for my post on nasturtium butter, it sounds so pretty!

I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project, thanks to for the seeds.


  1. Love the color of the foliage of your cannas--and your nasties look about the same as mine. At least you have a few blooms!

  2. Your nasties are looking good. I haven't tried fertilizing mine since I'd heard they prefer lean soil. This is the first time I've tried growing them. I wonder if I should give them a little food to see if I can coax some bloom out of them.

  3. I love that pot over pot arrangement.I suppose that is what termed as vertical gardening. Every gardener will be in such situation being too busy to water everyday... cheers, ~bangchik

  4. Your nasties are looking good, but so is the rest of your garden. Everything looks so nice and healthy. I'm jealous.

  5. MrBrownThumb - Well duh...I don't take pictures of the crappy-looking stuff! LOL.

  6. The tippy pots are very cool!


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