Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Starting a Trellis



  1. Looks like you have a helper building your trellis! I cant wait to see it get nice and full.

  2. What a helper you have there! The blooming tree is gorgeous on the last picture!

  3. Wow - look at your HUGE back yard! I'm jealous. Are those roses you're growing up your trellis?

  4. Angela - Those are actually hardy hibiscus and lilies growing there, they will get going when it gets a little warmer. I am going to plant sweet pea vines to grow up the trellis. They grow from 6-10 ft and smell fantastic, so I needed something really tall for them to grow on. I thought it would be fun to make a zig zag wall kind of trellis. I can add string as they grow up. If the sweet peas give out in the summer heat, I can plant moonflower or some nasturtium or some malabar spinach on it.

  5. Very ambitious! Is it hard to grow sweet peas? I think they're so pretty. Did your little helper help you willingly, or was he bribed? It must be warm by you, too. This weather has been crazy warm for April.

    I love the tree in that last picture. I have one that looks very similar in my front yard.

  6. I looked and one of my sweet peas is a perennial, which is interesting,so I am not sure how long the blooms last. I hope a long time.


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