Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seed Grow Project: Spitfire Nasturtium from Renee's Garden


I am participating in a nationwide project with some fellow garden bloggers.  It is called the GROW project, sponsored by Renee's Garden.  All the bloggers involved received the same pack of seeds.  This time, it is Climbing Nasturtium, Spitfire.  Every month we will post an update on how we are doing with these seeds.  I think it is going to be so neat to see what so many people are doing with the same plants.  All of the blogs that are participating will be listed at the Grow Project website...  Make sure to check it out!

In Iowa where I live, zone 4b and 5a (I'm right on the line) I can't put out my nasturtiums yet.  I also moved about a month ago, so I am getting my flower beds set up, so some of my pics will look kind of transitional for a while.  I wandered around my yard today, thinking about where I will put them when the frost is past.  I have grown nasturtiums before.  They are actually the first edible flower I ever grew (knowingly).  I love how the flowers are so bright and cheery, and it keeps on blooming all through the season.  Since this one is a climber, I have been considering some places it can go UP.  I will definitely put some on this cool garden gate, next to my cucumbers and green beans. 


Another spot I was considering is this cute white fence.  I have been waiting to see what comes up (perennial-wise) before I commit to these spots.  I already have two clematis planted along this fence, along with a helleborus and some sea lavender...but there is still a lot of room for the nasturtium to go up the fence. 


Now that I own my own home, I am going to attack a bunch of projects I have never been able to, or had the time to.  I have always wanted to make one of those tippy-pot things.  You know, where you have like 5 big clay pots tipped sideways on top of each other on a big pole or piece of rebar.  I think the spitfire would look fantastic spilling out of one of those pots. This is probably where I will put it, once I put it together.


I am also creating my herb garden bed.  This is it, so far.  I know it doesn't look like much so far, but eventually it will be filled with 10-20 different kinds of herbs.  Several clumps of nasturtium would make a colorful addition to this bed...or I could put some in my vegetable garden.  


I do love building tepees.  I built one today, just for the nasturtium to go one.  Right now, yarrow is trying to take hold in the bottom.  I removed a big clump in the center before I built the tepee.  I would eventually like to have parsley and cilantro, or lettuces growing in the bottom of this, with the nasturtium growing  up the sticks. 

I will be starting my nasturtium seeds this month.  They sprout quickly, so I will have many plants to set out in May, when the frost is safely gone by in Iowa.  I hope that you will be amazed by the changes in my garden, not only the growing of the spitfire, but how all the plants contribute to each other. I also look forward to eating the they are not only beautiful but delicious.  

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to for the seeds”.


  1. So glad that you got the seeds. I was worried that with the move you wouldn't get them. Also, I'm jealous of all the space you got. W00t!

  2. Looking good "T"! I can wait to see your garden in full growth and bloom! Its gonna be awesome! I love the little gate! My gma has some of those in her backyard, I wonder if she will give me a few! Happy Gardening friend!

  3. Just bought some loooooong sticks to build some bean teepees (I usually grow bush beans) for some climbers I got from MrBrownThumb! Even when you stay in the same old garden, you gotta do something new every year!

  4. Congratulations on your new home! What fun (and a lot of work,) getting your gardens started. Looks like you've got lots of space to play with. I love your rustic tee pee - looking forward to seeing your nasturtiums climbing on it!

  5. I know the tipped over terracotta planter you mean. I LOVE that look. Good luck with your seeds.

  6. Good luck with the Nasturtium. A lot of people seem to be growing them for the project. Love the comments message!!!!

  7. Aerelonian- Yes, are all growing the same kind of seed for the project, so that we can compare what we do with them, and how they grow. Also to add to a sense of community between gardeners. Thanks!

  8. I love the tepee! It will look lovely with flowers growing on it.

  9. Karyl - Just a couple days ago, I messed with the tepee, and then we had a windy day, and it fell down! Teach me to leave well enough alone. I will put it back up again when I have time.

  10. Hi there! It would be great to visit my site where you could find organic seeds gathered in the wild or from small local growths (heirloom).

    Maybe there is not big variety, but this is because all seeds are checked one by one, in order to ensure that they are natural organic with good germination. Tested and packed for 2012.


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