Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeds I'm Growing This Year


I think there is a strong possibility that I might have gotten a little carried away with the seeds.  I counted the seed packets I have received so far:  it's 35.  Plus I am waiting on 3 backordered packets, plus seeds some of my twitter friends have sent, plus seeds I have leftover and/or saved from last year.  Several people have inquired to what seeds I ordered, so, may I present the evidence: (Sorry about the glare on the seed packets, I'm working with limited flash capability)

1. Pansy - Caramel Spice                                               2. Pansy - Bewitched
3. Nasturtium - Mahogany                                              4. Nasturtium - Peach Melba
5. Zinnia - California Giants                                            6.  Sunflower - Vanilla Ice
7. Spinach - Bloomsdale


8.  Bean - Speckled Cranberry                                      9.  Bean - Christmas Lima
10.  Bean - October


11.  Tomato - Blondkopfchen                                      12.  Tomato (kinda) - Tomatillo
13.  Tomato - Borghese                                                 14.  Tomato - Cream Sausage
15.  Tomato - Copia                                                      16.  Tomato - Nebraska Wedding
17.  Tomato - Mortgage Lifter (Halladay)


18.  Cucumber - True Lemon                                    19. Cucumber - West Indian Gherkin
20.  Popcorn - Two Inch Strawberry                         21. Cucumber - Japanese Climbing
22.  Squash - Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck            23. Squash - Spaghetti


24.  Celery - Mars Hybrid                                         25.  Onion - Yellow of Parma
26.  Onion - Long Red Florence                                27.  Kohlrabi - Korridor Hybrid
28.  Carrot - Dragon                                                 29.  Beet - Chioggia

30.  Kale - Lacinato                                                             31.  Eggplant - Rossa Bianca
32.  Sunberry                                                                       33.  Herb - Borage
34.  Lettuce -Forellenschuss

Like I said, I am waiting on 3 more packets, plus 3 kinds of seed potatoes.  So, the list continues...

35.  Bean - Tiger's Eye                                                        36.  Carrot - Paris Market
37.  Herb - Cumin

I realize this was a major investment, but I am hoping to buy a lot less starts this year.  Also, I will grow less of each kind of plant, since I have more varieties.  I will be able to save many seeds from the crop I get, and next year, I will need less, unless I change varieties a lot.  There is also the fact that I just can't help myself.  If I had the yard and the money, I'd probably buy everything I saw.  Do you let yourself get caught up in seed mania?  And is it really such a bad thing?


  1. T,
    Thats alot girlie! I think I have about that many! Plus seeds from me should reach you this week! You will be planting and growing like there is not tomorrow!

  2. Are those new cucumbers, or did you grow them before? I'm looking for a different kind to grow this year. The cheap ones I had before didn't produce well. The little cucumbers look cute.

    You could have far worse addictions than seeds. Seems pretty innocuous to me, especially as you get to eat the results of your addiction. ;)

  3. Melissa

    those are new kinds of cucumbers to me. I bought starts from a greenhouse last year. I've heard the lemon ones are fantastic. i've never done cucumbers from seed.

  4. You'll have to tell me how they turn out. Nick loves cucumbers, and we go through a lot of them.

    Perhaps I'll get my butt in gear and actually use seeds this year, too. :) I've been inspired.

  5. Some nice varieties here! Like you, I overbuy seeds. I always end up giving some away, planting some in our school garden and of course, lots of them keep for more than a year. I'm good at making up excuses for overbuying too ;-)

  6. It is comforting to know that I am not alone. I need to do an inventory of what I already have/ordered and perhaps that will put a stop to my obsessive seed ordering!

  7. Those West Indian Gherkin look so awesome. I almost bought them when I purchased that seed packet you commented on. Now I wish I had.

    I grew the Mexican one last year but it didn't even set any fruit.

    Make sure to keep us posted with pictures!


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