Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Ice Storm in Iowa


This has been a rough winter where we live in Iowa.  So far it has been mostly snow and wind, but today we got ice.  We got somewhere between .25 and .50 of an inch of ice today.  Of course school was canceled again.  This makes 5 snow days so far.  At this rate, I'm still going to be in school at the 4th of July!


This shot is out the back window.  You can see the ice hanging off the grill.  I know, we should put a cover on it, bad me. The grass is almost laying on the ground.


This picture is looking up the hill from our driveway.  We are on the dead end, so this is the only way out.
The drive is a pretty good pitch, and it is solid ice, so it ought to be interesting trying to get up the hill in the morning. Notice all the broken limbs and branches on the street.


One of my fiance's cars had to sit outside last night.  You can see it is coated in ice.  Hopefully it will melt before he has to get in there.  Hacking a car out of ice like this can take up to an hour.

Check out the branches hanging down at the top of this picture.  You can see quite a lot of thick ice on them.


Not sure if you can see the ice hanging on the power line/cable line up there. We have had the power going on and off all day.  The power was off for an hour at dinner time. We had to eat our beef stew by candlelight. I was very concerned about all the pets. Most of them need heat lamps or water heaters.  No electricity means I may be moving tanks in by the kerosene heater, trying to keep little crustaceans alive.


This day has been kind of a mess.  Hopefully the power will stay on through the night.  Ice storms seem to be common here in Iowa, what about where you live?


  1. Ice storms are not common in Birmingham Alabama, although we have had one about 15 years ago. It was a mess. Cold and rainy here for the past month or so. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. We had a threat of ice yesterday, but seem to have stayed below the thaw/freeze line, so most of it came down as rain. We keep both our cars outside, so I totally sympathize with your iced-in-car photo... Chipping out is NO FUN!

    Hope you're all safe and sound!
    - Julia at Midwest Moms

  3. Power outtages are no fun and a bit scary. You never know when they are going to end. Your photos of the ice storm are strangely beautiful to me. We, of course, never have anything like that in Calif. We have had a lot of rain and wind. And although that doesn't sound too bad it comes after a few dry years. This always means that it is very easy for trees to become uprooted in the wet soil. One poor family has a large pine almost cut their home in half. So whenever I hear the wind through the pines in the lot behind mine, I get a bit edgy.

  4. It is beautiful. We had 2 or 3 years ago that was really pretty. It was scary though, a huge branch dropped down into the backyard, just missing the back of our house, and it completely filled the backyard! (This was a different house with a tiny backyard) It can be quite eerie, especially when the ice is breaking trees. You can step outside and the only thing you hear is a terrible cracking/breaking noise.

  5. We have had lovely freezing drizzle for two days. It's not too bad. I have not even had one snow day this year. Sigh. I'm jealous!

  6. I've been through a couple of ice storms, but we were never without heat! The pictures are wonderful, so beautiful and yet so damaging. Keeping my fingers crossed for a pardon of missed school days!


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