Sunday, October 18, 2009

Squash With a Face & No Apple Goes to Waste

This weekend is something special. Three days of at home time, mostly alone with my son. We don't have to go anywhere, besides a few small errands. This almost NEVER happens. Also, I have a list of canning and gardening projects to accomplish. Of course. We started out today with making apple pie filling. My son was absolutely fascinated with the apple peeler. Not that I blame him. He wanted to sit and eat the little pieces that came off after he ran the apple through. We whipped out a potful of apple for apple pie filling in no time! We also got a whole crockpot of applesauce done this evening.

We decided to do our pumpkin carving as well. In this family, we take it very seriously. Usually, every person gets their own pumpkin. This year, the big kids won't be back until the actual day of Halloween, so my son and I just did our own this year. My son does not shirk from sticking his hands in and getting the guts out.

As you can see, he loves his work. He got mad at me, because I wouldn't let him dig the guts out of mine, too.

This year we went for a more traditionalist approach. He wanted to have some of the standard triangle mouth and eyes. Some years, we print out fancy designs and carve out intricate patterns.

I freestyled this one. Nothing too fancy, but made my son laugh.

Here's the other...kickin' it old school. He has kind of a Winnie-the-Pooh look, I think.

Then we got to roast the pumpkin seeds. My son loves them. I have a picture of him stirring the pumpkin seeds every year since he was two. I am into tradition pictures...I love to look back and see him doing the same thing at different ages. Isn't it fun to watch them grow up?

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  1. Adorable pumpkins and kid. We got Nick a pumpkin, but no carving this year. He'd just eat the raw guts, or throw them at me. As for your little kindergartener, he's such a good helper! Now, when he's 12 or 13, will he be chucking the pumpkin seeds at your head and telling you to put the camera down? LOL


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