Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Farm!

I just realized after I uploaded all the pictures for this post that there are few to none of any pumpkins. Maybe it should be titled 'Apple Farm'? Anyways, today we made our annual visit to a farm to gather warty squash and bags of fruit. This is my haul of edible items. I got a bushel of jonathan apples, a 1/2 bushel of golden delicious, and a peck of honeycrisp. I also got 3 awesome dressings, having to do with vidalia onions. Not to mention apple cider, which I am going to corrupt by mixing with hard liquor. I can't wait to start cooking things with the apples. The kids ate their fill while we picked today. You might be able to see the ring of juice around my son's mouth.

My son has the most adorable expression on his face in this photo. We had just finished picking apples, and the kids all really get into that. My son was climbing trees to get to his, and got his jacket caught on a branch. He had a really cute 'Peter Rabbit' moment where his shirt was half over his head and I had to rescue him. Check out my funky acid wash denim jacket...I stole it out of one of my guy's clothes totes in the garage. I am pretty sure it originates circa 1990.

My stepson had one of the extended apple pickers, and was really going for perfection, finding the biggest, most beautiful apples he could reach. Note the lovely balloon hat, it's what all the chic apple pickers are wearing this season...

We didn't get many of our pumpkins today. We picked out a few special ones, that had cool warts or colors. I will probably show them later when I get all my harvest/Halloween decor set up. Just plain orange pumpkins I will get another time. My son developed a rolling strategy that worked pretty good for him. I also picked up several large and funky gourds. I have something of a gourd obsession. The wartier and uglier the better. My guy just rolls his eyes at me. I smiled sweetly and told him that was how I picked men, too. Ha ha!

The farm hired this awesome balloon artist lady to make free balloon gear for the kids. My son got a belt with removable swords....tres creative, no? My stepson is sporting the crazy balloon hat. They need to hire her back next year, she was a big pull for the kids.

Check out my new ride! I am definitely getting one of these for my veggie garden next year. I guy said he would be really upset if he came home and found an 'M' in the yard. I enjoyed posing on it all the same.

My son gives it a shot on one his own size. I said I have a gourd/squash obsession, well he has a tractor obsession lately. This was his dream, to ride this thing around on a figure 8 track for 15 minutes. If I could find one his size that actually pulled a plow, I think he would die. You might notice in some of these pics the ground looks kind of wet. That is because it was raining off and on the whole day. It was also cloudy and dark. And it was in the upper 40s I believe. We would have gone another weekend, except this was the only weekend we have the big kids here until the weekend of Halloween. So this was it.

The kids also loved playing in this corn pool. It is a huge area filled up with a couple feet deep of corn kernels. They play in it kind of like it is water, and kind of like it is snow. They stood up on the straw bales surrounding the pool and dived into it. They went down slides into it. They laid on their backs and pretended to make....corn angels? My son even tried to bury his stepbrother in corn, with an expression of maniacal glee.

During one of the more sunny moments of the day, the kids insisted we take their picture on this 'stand', set up for just such a purpose. They kind of remind me of Olympic medalists here, the way they are standing. In spite of the weather, we had a really good time today. I may go back for more apples, but we definitely got our fill of fun.


  1. You are so funny! Im sure your hunny doesnt look like a gourd,lol. Looks like you had tons of fun! Cant wait for apple trip! May the canning commence!

  2. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Also, it actually looks like fall (jackets, jeans). We are still in our shorts and flip flops here in Austin. :)

  3. Love the stonewashed jacket. Wish I could drink some of your hard apple cider. :)

  4. What fun you had there! You can tell by the smiles on their faces. I guess it's time to hit the pumpkin farm and go apple picking. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Sounds like all had a mountain of fun. I love doing things like that in the fall. Getting loads of apples, checking out the pumpkins and gourds. A really fun autumn thing.

  6. My crew would *love* this place! Next time we're in Iowa, I'm finding it. (truly!)

    Thanks for sharing these terrific photos, too. Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down. With all this good, clean, midwestern fun, why wouldn't it be?

    :D - Julia at Midwest Moms


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