Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Update

Thought I would show people a little of what I have been doing. I spend almost every daylight hour after work in the yard. I am totally shocked when I realize it is 9 o'clock most nights. I can't wait till work is done and I can get out and finish some of these projects. I am looking forward to relaxing in my garden, instead of constantly building it. Remember, this yard, had NOTHING in it when I moved in last November. With the exception of trees and shrubs, I have transplanted, landscaped, mulched, and tilled.

This is a beautiful bush in my partsun bed...lovely white blooms right now. This is one of my favorite spots. Sedum, mona lavendar, and david phlox will be blooming here soon.

This is my veggie garden. You can see the spinach and lettuce, and a few peppers and tomatoes going. In two months this will look totally different.

My five-color silverbeet chard. Growing strong.

Potted plants on the patio. Haven't decided where to put them yet. Just getting them into pots so they don't die. Lol.

This is part of my sun bed, the herb garden part. Very sparse now, but in about 2 months you won't see much mulch.

I was ripping this out today. I am putting my zinnias up here. It is going to be a natural looking area next to the field.

The front steps area, this block wall is cracking and falling apart, but for now, I am just stuffing sedum into the cracks. Lol.

My bistro set, a gift. I just noticed my shadow in this shot.

My shade bed, in the front. I am working on mulching it right now. Weeds are a huge problem in this yard. That is a very large astilbe in the front.

This is another part of the part sun bed. Everything is doing well here. That is clematis, penstemen, and rudebekia. Not sure if I am spelling some of those right. Also, painter's pallet, speedwell, and rue.

The western side of the house. This will be 3 kinds of sunflowers, okra, beans, potted cabbage, and cucumber vines in a few months.

Another view of the sun bed, from the backyard. You can see my irises in the closest part.

This is the far back corner of the yard. I have almost nothing back here yet. I will worry about this later. Maybe it will be a fall garden. Hmmmm...could put some herbs in here too.

This is a view into my neighbors flowerbed. She has miles and miles of columbine and many other perennials. The columbines are everywhere. They spread quickly by seed.

Another view of the cornfield side of the house.

Anyways, I am exhausted. Lol. I am trying very hard to manage the veggie garden, the flowers, and the weeds all at the same time. Thank goodness gardening is good exercise!


  1. Wow, Trina! That's a lot of gardening. It looks like you have a gorgeous backyard. I love that bush with the white flowers. After looking at your hard work, I feel lazy. My gardening so far this year has consisted of: 1. killing four houseplants, 2. planting and watering one raspberry bush, and 3. killing one weed that was nearly 2 feet tall. Other than that, I'm just waiting until summer comes to get out there.

  2. I love your layout. Isn't it fun to manage all the different areas around the house?

    Our natural area that borders the children's play area is going strong. And the herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, sage) carried over from last year. So, life is good across the border in Illinois!

    I can't wait to see your pictures as the growing season continues. Good luck with it!

    - Julia at Midwest Moms


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