Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...but there are always seeds...

The birthday boy checks out some of brother's old toys...
 So, this week we had a major milestone at our house, the first birthday of our baby boy.  I guess technically, he is not a baby anymore, but in my mind he still is. 

 It was cold and grey outside today, like many January days, and we had the birthday party preparations behind us.  We headed down to the family room to play some Wii, since we just reorganized and our setup is a lot better for game playing now.  We also set Blake aside some bins of brother's old toys. He really enjoys going through all of them and he stays busy for quite a while.  All I have to do is set them all down and take the lids off, and he helps himself. 

 He doesn't even mind that Daddy and his sissies are playing games.  I was going to come down and blog about his birthday party, but I got distracted when I checked the mail.  Yes, I know it is Sunday, I was busy yesterday...I didn't have time for a lot of things, let alone checking the mail. 

This is what I found in the mailbox!
I was pleasantly surprised to find my Renee's Garden media kit in the mail.  That is great news, considering I haven't got around to doing any seed orders yet.  I didn't do that great in the garden last year, relatively speaking, compared to my pre-Blake gardening years.  My tomatoes did well, but almost nothing else did.  I didn't get any spring veggies out; I barely got the summer veggies out in time.  I didn't start ANY seeds indoors.  All my tomatoes were starts I bought from the Master Gardeners Sale.  I did start some seeds outdoors directly in the garden, but a lot of my seeds are really old.  I only bought a few Renee's Garden packets at a local garden center.

Anyways, long story short...I'm ready to START SOME SEEDS.  I have my seed starting rack all set up and ready to go, I just need to replace some bulbs.  I am ready to order and I'm raring to go.  

So, later, I will post about Blake's birthday party.  Today, I am snuggled up in my comfies in the recliner downstairs.  I have the laptop in my lap, and I'm dreaming of spring, summer, and seeds. 


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy! He's a cutie. My daughter just turned 1 on January 9th - it's such a fun age isn't it? I've found it a little more challenging to garden these days- but I'm trying to incorporate her in the garden more. She likes to help me water the plants (and throw the soil around!). I'm also curious - would you be interested in a guest blog post from our company, Humble Seed? We're a seed company that specializes in non-GMO/organic/heirloom seeds. Let me know! :)


  2. We are a casting agency based in Brooklyn NY. We specialize in finding "real people" with "real lives".... we are working on a project and would like to include you. We found your gorgeous blog, and thought you would be perfect for this project.... your work falls well in line with our objective to present gardening as an aspirational and inspiring occupation....

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    The project is still in the developmental stage. Talent cannot already be tied to a particular online network MCN (multi channel network). Just to clarify, we are not selling any product.

    So if you are interested at this point, we would just include a photo of you, a photo of your garden or farm, and a brief description of your outdoor life and present you to the production company. There will be no other usage of the image and information. If the client is interested they would schedule a skype interview. Let me know your thoughts and questions.

    If you are interested in being included, I would ask you to send the above info/imagery to us asap. We must present potential subjects to our client by Tuesday morning, so your prompt reply would be appreciated.

    Please let me know if you have questions.

  3. sorry, please email me at
    Thank you!


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