Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hmmm....he's got my number.

I was cleaning out my son's backpack last night, since we are now on winter break (yay!).  I found a little book, entitled 'Winter Holidays'.  "How cute," I thought, as I flipped through the pages.  But when I turned to this page, I started cracking up.

The adult in this photo is clearly me, though I think I show a little more imagination in hair and clothing style than my son has represented here.  Obviously this is a representation of Christmas morning.  If you can't interpret his speech bubble for says, "You know I have to clean this up..."  LMAO.  (For you non-texters out there, that means LAUGHING MY ASS OFF)

I showed this to DH, and he started cracking up too.  At least I can laugh at myself.  After some reflection, maybe I should relax a little during the gift opening.  Maybe me perching next to them with a garbage sack while they are opening presents is creeping them out.  My son doesn't seem creeped out though...he seems to have accepted it as a matter of course.  Anyways, maybe I will wait till they are DONE opening presents to collect all the paper.  Maybe. 


  1. LOL!! That kid is brilliant!

    You're not as bad as my grandpa who would sit next to us with a knife, offering to cut the tape and warning us not to tear the wrapping paper (so it could be reused the next year). On my Dad's first Christmas with Mom's family, he opened a gift wrapped in paper bearing a label from the year he was born!

    I used to tell my parents that I would train our children to walk over to their grandparents (i.e. my parents), smile sweetly, and tear the paper to shreds. Now we use reusable fabric bags, so that plan has been foiled!

  2. You might not being able to help the picking up, possibly it's a childhood trait learned from your father.

  3. LOL. That's hilarious. I love how you're kind of a giant and it looks like you wear a toupee.


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