Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Applesauce For a Year?


I've been putting it off for quite a while, because I've been pretty busy, but last night I decided I better get to making applesauce, before all my apples go bad.  I usually do a crockpot recipe, but I decided to do it on the stovetop this year, because I didn't have time for the crockpot to sit for hours, and I wanted to do a LOT all at once.

I left the skins on, because I knew I would be running the apples through the food mill later on.  I used my handy-dandy apple slicer gadget to prepare the apples.  The only part I discarded was the core, and any yucky spots I found.

I put a few inches of water into the pot and let it cook for about 20-30 minutes until they were soft and cooked through.  I stirred them a lot to circulate the top and the bottom apples.  The pot was full when I started, they cooked down quite a bit. 

The apples looked like this when they were done. I used a couple of different kinds of apples, mostly red delicious, but some Arkansas black, and some honeycrisp.  Using a variety of apples allows for better taste and less need to add a lot of sugar. 

My food  mill is not fancy...just one of the old Foley's food mills.  It worked just fine though.  Especially after I figured out that the food mill was exactly the same length as the diameter of the bowl.  There are two hooks on the backside that you can't see, but it allows me to brace the mill on the bowl while I am cranking the apples into sauce.  After all the apple was pushed through, I dumped out the skins and put more cooked apples into the mill. 

It turned out to be a lovely consistency and I LOVE the rosy pink color that came from cooking the apples with the red skins on.  I added a little sugar because I like a sweet applesauce, and some cinnamon. 

I repeated this process several times until I had used up my apples.  I ladled the sauce into jars, leaving about 1/2 inch headspace and capped them off.  They went into a waterbath canner for 15 min for pints, and 20 min for the quarts.  I ended up with 15 pints and 2 quarts of sauce.  I'm not sure if this is enough applesauce for a year for us.  My son and I are the ones who eat it, and one jar will last through several who knows?  It is definitely a good start. 

Have you ever made your own applesauce? 


  1. I'm going to bookmark this post to go with a few others that I want to try.

  2. MrBrownThumb - I appreciate it. This version turned out really well.

  3. I should buy some apples and do this. I wish we had a tree. Some weird neighbors down the street from us have one and don't harvest the apples, but I don't have the guts to go ask. Looks delish!

  4. I should have done this with all of the apples we had this year! Nice post.

  5. I love apples!I have made a ton of sauce myself! I do apples and pears and some with just apple. I have yet to do my post. Im slackin! Been going through alot in my neck of the woods!


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