Friday, September 24, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise!


Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch with dh, before we went out for date night.  It's raining outside, and the door to the porch is open so we can hear the pretty sound of it coming down. I had just got home from work, and we sat snuggling, discussing a variety of things while watching the barret-jackson classic car auction on tv.  After half an hour, he mentions, casually..."Oh, and by the way, a box of plants came for you today."

I jumped straight up off the couch.  "Good God, man!  We were sitting here chit-chatting and there's PLANTS on the porch for me?" He just looked at me as I ran out onto the porch.  And this giant box is what I found.  Whatever I expected, it wasn't this.  It was HEAVY. 

I opened the box and discovered it was from CostaFarms.  I was expecting a box from them; but I had no idea the plants would be so big and beautiful.  The lovely plants just kept coming and coming out of that box, like it literally had no bottom. 

Melissa from CostaFarms sent me two cute little mums.  They will go very nicely with my asters.  I hope that they will be hardy to our very cold winters.

 I  don't know a lot about the names of houseplants, but I think this one is called a croton.  It has lovely fall color, for sure, though I think it looks like this year round.

A beautiful fern, with a hanging basket hook.  

Dh just laughed at me as I took plants out of the box with big eyes.

After I get all these plants situated, I will be sure to blog more about them.  Most of them are part of the O2 for You collection.  Thanks to CostaFarms for the wonderful surprise!


  1. Beautiful plants! Loved your reaction. :)

  2. Those are beautiful and it is awesome that you got there. Crotons are nice looking plants. I once killed one that cost something like $75, it was big and from a fancy garden center and I didn't know better.

  3. You'll have to tell me which ones of the houseplants are the most hardy. I need some new ones for my classroom and those houseplants you got look GORGEOUS. I especially like the one with the yellow and red leaves. I wonder if something like that would survive under my neglect?


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