Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting Over in a New Garden #2

These pictures are actually from memorial day weekend, and since then, we have had a lot of rain and heat, so everything has quadrupled in size from what you see here.  I need to go out and take more pictures again, but I have been very busy getting ready for my Dad's arrival this weekend. This is my mixed flowers/cucumber/bean bed closest to the camera. 

This view shows you the new fence that has gone up about 3 weeks ago, because I got tired of freaking out about the bunnies trying to eat my peas and other things.  I just decided to fence it in, and quit worrying about it. In front of the fence  is my new herb garden, which I have been slowly filling in with mostly perennial herbs.

This is the view from the opposite can see my 2 new blueberry bushes, and the tropical/sun bed (ie lilies and hibiscus).  All of this is new...I have also cleaned up the mulch some since this shot.

This shot is from the far end of the garden...I've gotten a few tomato plants in here.  No cages yet, but a few mulched tomatoes. 

From the left you can see beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, peppers, and the asparagus bed that has overrun with grass. 

I did not put this in...this is the lily bed at the rear of the yard.  I did add in a few phlox and sedum, but the lilies they left are going nuts.

I ripped out more sod in the front and added zinnias and some other annuals, including nasturtiums.

One of my favorites, a shade bed with a little pizzazz.  The black petunias are one of my favorites.

Here are where all the 'nasties' hang out until I plant them in other places. I grew 4 different kinds this year.

This is the last area I needed to work on organizing outside. Unfortunately, most people have to have a dump zone as they are getting things together. I need to take some more pictures because I have been working like crazy even since memorial day weekend and pieces already look different.


  1. Wow! Your garden is really coming together! I wish I could see it and hang out in your backyard and drink some wine!

  2. That backyard of yours is HUGE! I wish I would have put up a mini fence to keep out the bunnies. I've tried screaming at them out the window, but they don't seem to care.

    Soon there won't be much lawn for your honey to mow. ;)


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