Friday, May 7, 2010

Threat of Frost

What a mess.  A very slight chance of frost tonight, and a very strong chance tomorrow night sends me out into the garden in a panic.  I always overcover, cause I am never sure what will get damaged and what won't.  See the brown pots off in the background, covering my brand-new walking stick kale?

I hate doing this because then I have to wash and dry all the sheets, and then fold them and put them away.  I detest folding sheets.  And this is such a waste of good gardening time, or at least doing the house cleaning I should be doing this evening.

I put some turned over buckets over my amaranthus, because they were so tall.  At least the three that were left.

Someone, someone being the rabbit, has chomped one of my amaranthus off...he didn't eat the end though.  So maybe he just sat his fat butt on it.  Or maybe it was the butt of the fat squirrel?  Either way, now I need to look for some more amaranthus, cause I wanted at least 4....not 3.

On a brighter note, I harvested my first radish today. They are 'easter egg' radishes. This is the first thing I have harvested from my garden besides rhubarb, which I didn't really put there. 

Also, what is this?  It is in my compost from last year.  It looks watermelonish, but I wasn't sure.  It is way more wide than it is tall.  I need to know if I should yank it or leave it.  Wish me luck through hopefully this last frosty weekend.


  1. Congratulations on your radishes! I have some, they are tasty, but small. I hope Mr.Frost won't visit your garden!

  2. What a pain to have frost threaten this late in the season. I hope everything comes through OK. I was happy this year that I finally invested in some row covers. They definitely save on sheets and are really light weight so covering is much easier.

  3. Oh no frost!thats a bummer. I hear we are having rain by sunday in my neck of the woods. I was hoping the rest of my tomatos would be hitting the dirt this weekend. I will have to wait and see.Enjoy all that folding!


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