Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visited by Old Man Winter


We went home from school early on Tuesday to beat the storm, and we knew we were in for it, but I don't know if we really expected this... Every door we opened had snow blown up to it like a wall...The winds started blowing up to 50 mph gusts Tuesday night.  In addition to the snow that was still falling, all the snow nearby was blown against our house.  This happened to everyone, in greater and lesser degrees.  Huge 3, 4, and 5 foot drifts were created...several of them in our driveway.  We do NOT own a snow blower.

I had school canceled not only for Wednesday, but for Thursday as well, because of the blizzard like conditions.  Out on the interstate, that I would have to take 35 miles to get to work, visibility was almost nothing.  As the weather guy said, travel was near 'impossible'.  So, we had time to dig out, but we had another problem...The extreme cold.  Here, you can see how I attempted to compensate for that.  I have two pairs of pants, boots, two shirts, my cabela's down-filled coat, a wrap on my head, and the hood pulled down so only my eyes and the top of my nose is visible.  Attractive, eh?

So, we went out and started digging.  The temperature was below zero when we went out. We waited until Thursday, when the winds were done, but the cold was there with a vengeance.  You can see, it is sunny and clear, but the wind chill was -17.  This picture is when we finished shoveling.  Three hours later with two people working fairly steadily. 

The front of the house ended up being rather dramatic.  I have never seen that much snow piled up around the front steps. There is a retaining wall under there, and many plants I tucked against it and the steps as well.  At least I know they are insulated.  All I could see of my Santa decoration was the top couple of inches.  I reached in, dragged him out, and placed him on top of the mountain!

My son begged me to go out and play...I didn't want to let him because it was so cold outside.  Finally, on Thursday, we had been inside for 2 days straight.  I relented, and bundled him up to go out for just a little bit.  In addition to the stuff he has on now, I also wrapped a scarf around most of his face.

Right after he went out, the wind started to whip up he didn't get to stay out too long.  Only about half an hour.  At one point, I had to straighten his snow pants, snow was getting down into his boots.  I told him to go back the way he came so I could fix his boots.  He told me that there was 'really bad snow' that way.  I told him, no, it was the same on the other side of the house and to get going.  He scooted along, and I followed him.  Unfortunately, he was correct.  I walked after him, and plunged hip deep into snow!  

I had to thrash my way out.  He was so was 'really bad snow'!  And look at him, he is so light he just scooted along on top of the drift.  He doesn't even sink into the crust!  Anyways, we know for sure we will have a white Christmas this year.  My son got to spend a lot of time playing outside this weekend, the temperatures got up to around 34 degrees.  Much safer for outdoor play. 
What a way to start the winter!  And winter doesn't technically start for another week and a half... How are you coping with the winter weather so far?


  1. As a fellow Iowa Mom- not well- My whole body hates this cold! Great pics. My hubby was stranded at a Hotel in Story City- He drives a semi from Mason City to Des Moines each night. Worst roads he has ever driven on!

  2. How am I dealing with the winter weather? Not well at all. I'm glad we didn't get as much snow here. . . I think I'd die having to drive through all that. Hey, at least you got some good snow days!

    Isn't it funny how everyone looks the same when bundled up in heavy coats and scarves. It's the great equalizer--we all look bad! Winter in the Midwest is not a very glamorous season, that's for sure. I bet you weren't wearing your high heels out in that! Best of luck digging out. :)


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