Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Garlic Has Arrived!

Today I came home and my garlic from seed savers had arrived! I was very excited, it was like Christmas! I got two kinds, one softneck and one hardneck. I have one other kind coming from another source. I didn't get my first choices in the garlic because I had a computer screw-up.

I had three different softneck varieties in my cart on the seedsavers website...but in the midst of completing my order, I had to get up and do something else. By the time I came back, it had timed me out, and I had to sign in again. I wasn't sure if my order got completed or not. So, I didn't check it out right away, I waited to see if the charge showed up in my account. It didn't, so I got online to check my order history. It said that I hadn't made an order, so I went again to try and reorder my garlic. Unfortunately, in the week that had passed, everyone else had come in and ordered most of it was sold out. They only had a couple kinds left, so I ordered some of each. That is why I had to order another variety from a different site, because I wanted at least 3 different varieties.

I am excited to plant garlic anyways...I can just order different kinds earlier next year. Today I got broadleaf czech and extra hardy German. I think the other one that is coming is a Red softneck variety. This along with my Egyptian walking onions will keep me busy for awhile...not to mention all the spring flower bulbs I ordered.

I had to use up some more tomatoes, so I made bruschetta and I am pressure canning it. I got 4 pint jars out of the last of my grape tomatoes. I got the recipe from my friend Jen's Gardening Spot website. Here is the link to her site...I steal a lot of her recipes...they are good!

I have to go now...I hear the pressure canner calling me...


  1. Looking good! I havent found any garlic yet for planting! Our nurserys here havent recieved any. I hope you enjoy the Bruschetta, it looks great. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hi GardenMom! Some of these names are new for me. Can you feel the difference in the taste of different varieties? I am curious.

  3. Jealous! My garlic hasn't arrive yet! I ordered mine through Peaceful Valley ( and they keep telling me "It's coming next week". Oh well, I still have to finish clearing out the bed for it so I shouldnt complain! This is my first time growing garlic, soooo exciting!

  4. I wonder how you really grow garlic. We did before but keep taking the leaves for cooking and the poor plant wilt and die...


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