Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sprouting Seeds and Fishing for Pigs

Right now my living room is not just a living room. It is also a staging zone for dozens of little seeds and plants that are waiting for a frost free month to go outside. Right now, I have two kinds of peppers, three kinds of heirloom tomatoes, red cabbage, and leeks in seed trays. Everything but the leeks has a few seedlings up. The leeks are actually late. I misread the package, and never growing them before, didn't realize I should have started them in February. Oh well, we will see if they will do alright anyways. With the garden being tilled now...I will probably start carrots, spinach, and lettuce this week.

My son is surprisingly unhelpful with seeds. Plants he loves. You give him a plant, especially a bulb, and he will water it until it drowns. I have to watch him with watering cans. He is very protective of his plants, deadheading and removing dead bits of leaves. I ask him if he wants to help plant seeds inside though, and it's "No thanks, I'm going to play". Maybe seeds are boring. They are tiny, and usually beige or black, and he can think of many more things he would rather do than than stick little specks in toilet paper tubes.

He was very excited about twine, I might add. On a recent trip to the store, I bought some twine for my garden. He practically got down on his knees and begged me for some of his own. I relented, as long as he promised not to tie anything up without asking me. His first task was to 'fish' for guinea pigs.

Edith the pig is intrigued.

Perhaps just a little taste...
Dang...it got away again. "I'm not that stupid," she seems to say.
My son decided it would be more fun to play fishing with stuffed animals.

Tomorrow we are going to retrieve my compost bin from my old house. I couldn't take it when we moved in November. It was filled with uncomposted leaves and yard clippings. I didn't know where I'd put it in the new yard, and we had so many things to move anyway. After the winter, it will be more decayed, and I am taking a bunch of 5 gallon buckets to fill up and put in my van. The house belongs to his family, and they didn't have a problem with me keeping it there over the winter. I also hope to get my daffodils. That was something I couldn't get in the fall either, and I will transplant them into pots and bring them home. Here's to hoping that compost getting will be a lot less eventful (and painful) than garden tilling.

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