Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strep Throat

Well, here we go again. My son comes to me this morning saying, Mommy, my throat hurts. He has swollen lymph nodes, a really high fever, and no cold. I'm thinking, great, strep again. We just went through this in June. He had it bad, throwing up, fever, etc...We just had his adnoids out and ear tubes in in December, and now the tonsils decide to be a problem. Anyways, at the walk-in clinic, they say negative on the strep test. The doctor wants to take blood and test for Mono. GREAT...even better, I think. Luckily, that was negative, too. So, they swabbed his throat and they are going to grow a culture. The doctor thinks that it might be strep too early to catch, so they went ahead and put him on an antibiotic. School starts Monday, so hopefully he will be better by then.

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